Search Engine Optimisation in Kent

You can have the most impressive website on the internet, but if your potential customers can’t find it, it won’t do its job. That’s where search engine optimisation (or SEO) comes in. The first thing to understand is there’s no wizardry involved in getting your site to perform better in the search engines. So, how can WillCreate optimise your website? It’s simple: using proven techniques to make it tick all of Google’s boxes.

Content is Key

Contrary to popular belief, search engines don’t want to stop your site ranking. Their aim is simply to deliver excellent content, so users come back.

We’ll review your website’s content and refresh it to make sure it’s unique and good quality. This will please both the search engines AND your potential customers.

Rich Media

Remember, your website isn’t just for search engines, it’s for real people too. So a good mix of quality copy, video and images is important to increase user engagement. Plus, search engines will rank rich media too (for example, Google’s image search) so properly optimised images and videos can help your site be found too.

The Techy Bit

It’s true that content is key, but there are some techy bits that you need to get right so the search engines can read your site more easily. Our expert team is used to dealing with page titles, H1 tags, meta data and more to give the search engines a nudge in the right direction.


It’s all very well taking all these steps, but how do we know if it actually works? Analytics is the answer. We’ll take a benchmark of how your site is performing, as well as looking at the visitor numbers and some other key metrics like the bounce rate so we have something to compare with later.

SEO isn’t a dark art (or at least it shouldn’t be) and there’s no quick fix. However, by using proven techniques we can make your site perform more effectively in the search engines.

Laura Fetherstonhaugh

Managing Director

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