Email Marketing

Fast, effective, measurable – what’s not to love? Email marketing is an amazingly cost effective tool. To maximise your return on investment it’s important to engage your audience with quality content.

So how do we deliver an effective email marketing campaign?


There’s a lot of SPAM out there so it’s important that we show that your email is a legitimate, helpful communication. We’ll use a combination of a branded domain, friendly from name and quality copy to make sure your email reaches the inbox.

The All Important Subject Line

Your subject line needs to strike a careful balance between being eye catching and engaging without being marked as SPAM. We know how to write your subject line so your email reaches the recipient’s inbox.

Mobile Compatibility

We’re all glued to our smart phones so your email needs to be compatible across a variety of devices. Our emails are responsive so they’ll work whether the recipient opens them on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Responsive email marketing campaigns on mobile

Email Content and Layout

Your email needs to have a good image to text ratio, as well as great content and strong call to action. We’ll design and build your email to cater for the recipient, as well as complying with certain technical and legal requirements.


The best data to use in email marketing is your own database. However, if you don’t have a database we can source high quality marketing lists to get you started.

The Landing Page

Your email should go through to a relevant landing page, styled using similar graphics to enhance legitimacy. A good landing page encourages engagement so we’ll help you to optimise your website for the best result.


After deployment, we will provide a report to show how your email marketing campaign performed and who interacted with it.

It sounds complicated but the aim is simple. To get your email marketing campaign past the SPAM filters and to encourage as many recipients as possible to engage with your content.

Simon Williams

Managing Director

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