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Fast, effective, measurable – what’s not to love? Email marketing is an amazingly cost-effective tool.  Connect with your contacts wherever they are with mobile-friendly, responsive emails, and allow them to find the information they need (and that you want to show them) with links through to your website. You can even include click-to-call buttons and links to pre-populated forms that already hold all of their details!

To maximise your return on investment it’s important to engage your audience with quality content. Our bespoke HTML email designs are created to match your company’s branding. This means that when your contact clicks on a link to your website, there will be continuity which helps build trust.

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Most of our inboxes are bombarded daily. As well as the day to day communications from our contacts, we’re also regularly interrupted by reminders, pitches and advertisements, so it’s important to take steps to cut through the clutter and make sure your email is the one that stands out!

What’s your email marketing goal?

If you don’t know what you want to achieve from your email marketing campaign, how will you know if it’s been successful? We’ll help you define your goals, and set up the reporting mechanism to measure success.

Who is your audience?

It can be tempting to send your email campaign to all of your contacts because you want everyone to see your message, but there is a more effective approach. If we segment your data we can make sure that those who receive it are those that are most likely to engage.

Building trust

There’s a lot of SPAM out there so it’s important that we show that your email is a legitimate, helpful communication. We’ll use a combination of a branded domain, friendly from name and quality copy to make sure your email reaches the inbox and your contacts want to open it.

Creating your campaign

As well as some technical considerations, we also make sure your campaign is clear, concise and visually appealing. Optimising for conversions is also a key factor, we always make sure your contacts can easily take the action you need them to take, whether that’s a web visit, a phone call or form submission.

Responsive design

The size and shape of devices are ever-changing, plus many reports suggest we’re reading emails on our mobiles more than 50% of the time. This means your email needs to be compatible across a variety of devices. Our emails are responsive so they’ll work whether the recipient opens them on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The all important subject line

Your subject line needs to strike a careful balance between being eye-catching and engaging without being marked as SPAM. We know how to write your subject line so your email reaches the recipient’s inbox AND encourages them to engage.

The landing page

Your email should go through to a relevant landing page, styled using similar graphics to ensure continuity and build trust. Just as important, a good landing page encourages engagement; it’s important to make sure it’s easy to convert. Using conversion rate optimisation we’ll optimise your landing page for the best result.


Marketing is nothing without measurement. The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to track performance, so we’ll provide you with a dynamic reporting dashboard that shows the key metrics to evaluate success and improve your next campaign.

It sounds complicated but the aim is simple. To get your email marketing campaign past the SPAM filters and to encourage as many recipients as possible to engage with your content.

Simon Williams

Managing Director