Coronavirus (COVID-19) Social Distancing Stickers and Signs

Coronavirus has been hugely disruptive to both our day to day lives and the economy. We’re all trying to adjust to the new normal, which is likely to involve some form of social distancing during the months to come. Now’s the time to start preparing your workplace.

If you’re looking at how best you can safely reopen your business, we can help with COVID-19 essentials, from floor stickers to pull up banners, window stickers to counter-top signage. All formats can be designed to match your branding, and all messaging can be tailored to suit your business.

Whether you run a shop and need to ensure the safety of your customers and staff, or an office and need to protect your team, our coronavirus social distancing signage can help make it clear what everyone needs to do.

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Counter Top Signage

To put customers at ease about the measures being taken, counter (or table) signage can make all the difference. Clear (and polite) instructions can make customers feel more comfortable about what’s expected, and will give them confidence that you’re taking the situation seriously.

Floor Stickers

Whether you’re looking for stickers to mark an out of bounds area, arrows to illustrate a one-way system, or circular stickers to show customers where to stand when queuing, we can help. Our floor stickers are all made from heavy-duty material that’s designed for high footfall areas.

Window and Door Stickers

We can produce outward-facing stickers for your shop windows or doors. These could be either a gentle reminder about social distancing, or more instructional, for example, which door to use. Plus, our window stickers are produced using an adhesive that means they can be peeled off after use, leaving no sticky residue on the glass.

Pull-Up Banners

Pull-up banners are a great way of displaying your message with limited space. As the name suggests, the banner simply pulls up out of the base. Usually 2 metres high and under a metre wide, pull up banners can easily be moved or repositioned as needed.

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